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Celebrating 50 Years of the Original One-Design Laser

What a story it has been – the iconic One-Design Laser Dinghy that started off as the “million-dollar-doodle”, a sketch outlining what would become the most recognized boat brand and most sold small dinghy class in the world is 50 years old. Only minor rigging improvements, a new sail introduced a few years ago along with a new mast top section since its inception have complimented the original design of 1971.

Originally named “TGIF”- thank God its Fridays and the “Weekender”, its name was soon changed to represent something more modern and cutting edge: hence the new name became very quickly synonymous with an exciting dinghy that was easy to transport, fast to rig and fun to sail.

Generations of sailors have enjoyed, and are still enjoying this boat and what it has to offer. Join us this year as we celebrate 50 years of the Laser!

Original Laser Sketch
TGIF Original One-Design Laser 1972

The Laser Class invites you, the Laser sailor, to join us in celebrating this year.

Say Happy Birthday to Laser. Enjoy our gallery of members photos and comments detailing their experiences of sailing their Laser.

Together we will be celebrating in Portugal the “Laser 50th Anniversary Festival of sailing”. More details and how to register will be posted on our Events page here.

Giannetto Laser 31884

My First Laser...beige
I was an ex FD's helmsman 26 years old and I was looking for a singlehand dinghy, easy to transport, to race again.
Laser was a new boat in Italy in 1975, it seemed to me very interesting... and, falling in love, I bought a new boat without testing a Laser before.
The photo was taken from a friend the first time I tried it, in October in front of Genoa town: I was very happy, I remember

Giannetto - Italy

My first blue Laser...
"this was actually not my first Laser but my first blue one. It was actually my 3rd boat (after a red one and a green one) but one of my favorite boats of all times. Out of my total of about 25 boats the majority were coloured boats."

Beat - Switzerland

My First Laser...
After sailing many years in a double or three handed boat (Yngling) I moved to a single handed boat again (I stopped Optimist at 15 years). I chose Laser because it's a real one design boat, with a huge master fleet and I´ve enjoyed Laser since my first day in 2010. Today I´m still having fun every sailing day in this fantastic boat.

Monica - Spain