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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become a member?

The easiest way to register is to do so directly online as an individual. If you are a group of sailors, or a complete club, fleet, country, or region, please contact us via mail or phone and we can arrange a group registration. Information on membership can be found here.

2. Why should I become a member of TLC?

ILCA no longer serves the interests of the majority of Laser sailors. It has become dominated by a minority of class members who have transformed ILCA into an entity where decisions are made in secret that do not address the requirements of the majority of the class members.  There are no term limits for executive management.  Decisions to improve competition are in fact creating a situation that it will be very difficult to guarantee that all sailors will be sailing One Design-compliant boats.

The Laser Class would return to the original mandate of the class: to serve the Laser sailor community and to build Laser sailing around the world based strictly on One Design criteria. The constitution will change to

  • Guarantee the original One Design Laser continue and is accessible to all sailors
  • Ensure the costs and the prices of boats and parts are kept as low as possible
  • Better reflect membership representation
  • Ensure better gender, geographic, and age representation in all its activities
  • Introduce term limits and a strong code of ethics
  • Introduce complete transparency in all activities
  • Ensure that the Class respects the rights of all parties including trademark holders
  • As a nonprofit organization, does not involve itself in commercial activities

If you agree with the reasons listed above, you should join the TLC.  We aim to build a class that rebuilds the Laser brand as the global iconic leader in sailing, instead of spending its time infighting and spending the members’ money on legal fees.  In addition, we aim to have a lot of fun for Laser sailors at all levels.

3. Is TLC an independent class?

Yes.  We are a group of disaffected Laser sailors who are frustrated and fed up with ILCA’s actions and who want to restore the original class and its original intent.  TLC is and will be class-led.  We will work with sponsors that will be proud to support The Laser Class and we will be completely transparent about our relations with them.

4. Are there specific benefits to becoming a member of TLC?

Yes.  Benefits include:

  • A free membership until 2022
  • Access to exclusive discounted Laser products
  • Monthly newsletter with events, training-tips and special offers

5. Do we want the Laser to stay in the Olympics?

Yes.  We will strongly support all efforts to have the Laser boat be the single-handed dinghy for the Olympics.  Do not forget, the WS World Council voted to include the One-Design Laser at the 2024 Olympics, not non-descript boats that may or may not meet One Design standards.

6. What events are planned in 2021?

We are planning our first international event in June in Italy. Check our events page for more detailed information.  We are also in the process of preparing  a schedule of events for the future

7. Can a whole district become a member of TLC?

Yes.  Just contact us directly and we will ensure every member is a member.

8. Can I remain member of ILCA?

Yes.  There is no restriction on what sailing organization you can join.

9. Is TLC recognized by World Sailing?

The Laser Class applied to World Sailing in July of 2020, fulfilling all the requirements as set-out by the WS guidelines to become a member. The ensuing political response from WS was to be expected, citing no differences between the original One-Design Laser and other boats. We don´t agree and will be re-applying for WS status in 2021. Watch this space for more details.

10. How will TLC pay for its activities?

By issuing and selling plaques to approved Builders. Additionally, for specific TLC events, as in the past, sponsor agreements will be sought to supply event boats.

11. What is the difference between Lasers boats with WS-ILCA plaques and The Laser Class plaques?

ILCA issued WS-authorized plaques to LaserPerformance for use for the duration of 2019.  Hence, LP sailboats are One Design compliant and, going forward, TLC considers the LP boat measurements to be the standards for One Design.

All WS-ILCA plaqued Laser boats are recognized by TLC up to the end of 2019 and, going forward, Laser boats issued with TLC plaques can participate in all TLC-sanctioned events.  With the inevitable World Sailing approval to TLC, we expect WS will authorize TLC to issue plaques on their behalf.

12. Can LP-built Laser Club boats participate in TLC-approved events?

All Laser Club boats meet TLC One Design standards and can participate in TLC events.  Going forward, they will be issued TLC plaques.

13. Are ILCA boats, built like Laser, with ILCA plaque allowed in TLC events?

Only Lasers built up to the end of 2019 – representing hull/sail number below 217 250 are TLC One Design compliant.  Newer boats, to be compliant, need to be from a Builder approved by TLC, which includes an inspection done by our Technical Officer to ensure that it meets our One Design principles.  In fact, PSA has publicly indicated that they recently made changes to their Laser boat.  These changes make ILCA PSA boats non-compliant. 

14. Are Laser boats built by PSA and PSJ allowed in TLC events?

All Laser boats that have been issued WS-ILCA plaques are One Design compliant and can participate in TLC-approved events.

15. Who are TLC’s approved builders?

At this time LaserPerformance, who has been building Lasers since the 1970s, is the only approved builder. We are inviting PSA and PSJ to apply to become builders in their respective Laser territories.

16. How will the boat/sail numbering on Laser Boats work?

There are over 200,000 Lasers Worldwide and TLC Plaques will continue in sequence from the existing number, which will be applied to new Lasers. Furthermore, owners of LaserPerformance’s Laser Club Editions can request to purchase TLC Plaques from LP.

17. Will TLC follow FRAND policy for European competition?

Yes. A process for approval of builders is being developed. Once a builder successfully fulfills the requirements for a new builder, they will be required to sign a royalty-free licensing agreement with the trademark holder in the territories in which they expect to distribute.

18. Does TLC accept sponsors?

Yes. Sponsors will be sought for a number of activities including the supply of Laser boats for world events, charters, and to support the growth of sailing in emerging nations. At this time, we are in discussions with LaserPerformance for a multi-year sponsorship program in support of the class. Upon completion, the agreement will be made public on this website.

19. Where can I find more information about Laser sailing?

To find more information about Laser sailing, you can visit these sites:

World Sailing