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Our Mission

For sailors, by sailors – with the original Laser spirit in One-Design dinghies.

Welcome to the original Laser One-Design Class – our Association aim is to represent you, the One-Design Laser sailor, whether you are just starting or are already an established Laser sailor. Our events & races will continue to utilize the proven Laser formula Standard, Radial, and 4.7 Rigs.  Whether you are a youth, club or Masters Laser sailor, join us for the journey!

The Laser Class (TLC) is dedicated to the strict One-Design Laser, including working with our builders to ensure a continuous low-cost accessibility to Laser sailing, and with a regular supply and competitive prices of boats and parts.

Below you will find a detailed list of points which we have established;

1. A democratic and transparent class serving our members, regardless of gender, ability, geography or income.

2. Promote the iconic Laser brand and maintain Laser’s standing as the world’s most popular single-handed racing dinghy, particularly for the Olympics.

3. Support and help grow the Laser class for Standard, Radial and 4.7 sailors all around the world, based strictly on One-Design criteria.

4. Ensure accessibility by keeping the cost of Laser boats and parts as low as possible, without compromising on quality and safety.

5. Support innovation that will improve quality and safety, within the framework of One-Design principles. All changes must be approved by membership majority.

6. Help prepare and support plans for all stages of sailing development: from junior and youth sailing to club, masters and ultimately Olympic racing.

7. Organize and sponsor regattas and racing events

8. Establish programs to develop Laser sailing in under-represented regions of the world

9. Partner with builders and sponsors to support Laser sailing growth plans and events

10. Advocate and be an information source for sailors

11. Be environmentally sensitive and responsible in all initiatives and activities

12. And most important, support Laser sailors to build a responsible and engaged community that has the love of Laser sailing as a common bond.

Please click here to to learn more about our Laser Council Executive Committee (LCEC) and Advisory Members, who are the driving force behind the this new class association.

“Welcome to The Laser Class. Or should I say, welcome to the original One Design Laser Class that we all wanted. I wish we didn’t have to go down this road but it’s time that the largest racing dinghy class also be the most democratic and the most respected. So many around the world are passionate about our beloved Laser boat and want to be part of a community where they can have their voice heard. The Laser Class is your home. Join us and let us go back to the joy of Laser sailing.”

Heini WellmannPast TLC Interim Chairman

To read about the introduction of The Laser Class, please follow this link to read our initial press release that was posted March 2020. It outlines our motivation and thinking behind the formation of the new class – please click here.